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Interested in hardware, software, mechanical design or business? Joining our team does not require an application or any prior relevant experience. We are firm believers that passion and willingness to learn are far more important traits. For this reason, we keep our doors open to anyone excited to take part in our ongoing mission to build awesome solar cars.

Interested in joining our team? Midnight Sun is always accepting new members! Send an email to solar@uwmidsun.com with your name and interests, or join our Facebook page Midnight Sun Members.



We are a collection of students from different faculties around the University of Waterloo, all with the common goal of making the future of transportation more sustainable.

Interested in joining the team? Come visit us! We’re located in the E5 design bay (E5 1002).



Team History

Founded in 1988, Midnight Sun remains one of the oldest student design teams at the University of Waterloo. Our rich history of excellence and innovation has been passed down to new members and over the years, vehicle designs have rapidly evolved, due to their drive to reach for higher and more ambitious goals.

Most recently in 2018, Midnight Sun became the first Canadian team to compete in the cruiser class category and finish at the American Solar Challenge.  We now aim to go beyond this accomplishment and for 2019, we have raised the bar and are ready to face greater challenges.