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The Midnight Sun Mechanical Team
What gives a successful solar car its shape? To put it simply - a fine balance between weight, aerodynamics, size, and surface area. In that regard, the Mechanical Team has a great responsibility to make sure that the Midnight Sun Solar Rayce Car functions as a normal car should - reliable suspension, braking, and steering systems - while keeping it aesthetically pleasing and lightweight. It's not an easy job, but it is a vital one. Besides, what is more rewarding than seeing your own design being built and eventually raced in countries around the world?

Mechanical Managers
Zack Bernholtz 

Kevin Easton

Current Mechanical Co-ops

Sanja Tesic

Dirk Friesen
 Aseela Naqvi

Samer Nsaif

Mechanical Project Leads

Masa Shaban

Misakura Tsukimoto
Aerobody Lead
Ron Tsang