Midnight Sun X

A Legacy

Say hello to the Midnight Sun X, a culmination of almost 25 years of experience by the talented students at the University of Waterloo. As the 10th generation car, it stands as a technological achievement for sustainable energy and a testament to a history of ambition and determination, from a team who humbly began with a simple idea of solar cells and a bicycle.


Capable of a 130 km/h ideal top speed, Midnight Sun X is definitely no slouch in power. Covered in a blanket of 403 Sun Power A300 solar cells, the car fully charges in 6 hours and can even cruise for 4 hours on battery alone. Best of all, it runs on the same power as a toaster oven.


Midnight Sun X was constructed using procedures and materials akin to those on commercial aircraft. It features advanced battery technology, an integrated telemetry data-acquisition system, and a space-grade solar array. Extensive full-scale wind tunnel testing and Finite Element Analysis ensure top race performance.


Midnight Sun X wouldn't be possible without the brilliant minds behind its design and execution. Over its 3 year build cycle, more than 200 students have worked with the car - 200 bright minds from almost every faculty on campus. To say we are the largest student-run team at the University of Waterloo is no surprise.



470 lbs (without driver)

5 ft. x 18 ft.

Ideal Top Speed
130 km/h
Cruising Speed

90 km/h


Lithium Polymer
Solar Cells

Sun Power A300
Solar Cell Surface Area

6m2 (403 cells)


Nugen Motor


Kevlar Composite