About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 1988, the Midnight Sun Team arose with the concept of a solar powered bike. Named after the natural phenomenon in the Arctic, the Midnight Sun is when the sun remains visible for 24 hours a day during the summer – the ideal situation for sustainable solar power. Now, as the largest student run project on campus, we have moved on from bikes to designing and producing world-class solar race cars for competitions around the globe. With a team of almost all University of Waterloo undergraduates and funding from our sponsors, we have managed to build and race 10 solar race cars.

Our Competitions

Midnight Sun’s proving grounds lie within two major international solar car competitions – the World Solar Challenge and the American Solar Challenge. We race our vehicle against dozens of university solar car teams from around the world. We race across race tracks, highways, and deserts stretching thousands of kilometers per race.

A Place for Learning

As a student team, we put great effort in providing a hands-on opportunity for students of all academic faculties. From conception to track testing, members can expect to gain vital experience in SolidWorks, Altium Designer, Technical Manufacturing Processes, Professional Interaction, and Public Presentation Skills – practical knowledge beyond the classroom setting.

Community & Outreach

Midnight Sun is more than just building world-class solar cars – we are also about educating and involving the community. You will often find us at Tech Conventions, University Student Events, Elementary/Secondary School Presentations, and Sponsors Events. It is the aim that our work and aspirations will inspire the economical use of solar and other environmentally-friendly technologies down the road.